Club Meeting Dates
The Club meets every week alternatively at two different venues.
Tuesday evening sessions (New Inn, Clitheroe) at the club are for Orchestra band members only. 

This is where we rehearse set lists for upcoming Orchestra performances.
 Wednesday evenings (St Michael & St Johns Catholic Club, Clitheroe) is a more casual atmosphere,

where we have a go at new and old songs.  We have fun and extra help and guidance can be given to those
new/beginner players.  Everyone is welcome along to the Wednesday sessions, whether you want to play/listen/sing along to start with before, you decide to join.
Each evening starts at 7.30pm and finishes around 9.30pm

Beginner Sessions
We also have a beginner group linked to the club, details are below

Monday Evening 8.00-9.30pm
Mellor Brook Community Centre, 7 Whalley Rd, Mellor Brook, BB2 7PR
Cost £3.00.  Term Time Only.
For more information please contact Janet: 01254 813210

Please see below for dates of where and when the club meets.

              Date                                                                         Venue                                                                              Notes

    Wednesday 21st June                       St Michael & St Johns Catholic Club, Lowergate, Clitheroe                                Club Night/All Welcome
                                                                                              (committee meeting 6.30pm)
    Tuesday 27th June                                                   New Inn, Parsons Lane, Clitheroe                                                                   Orchestra Practice

    Wednesday 5th July                                                    New In, Parsons Lane, Clitheroe

     Tuesday 11th July                                                   New Inn, Parsons Lane, Clitheroe                                                                    Orchestra Practice

     Wednesday 19th July                             St Michael & St Johns Catholic Club, Lowergate, Clitheroe                           Club Night/All Welcome

    Tuesday 25th July                                                     New Inn, Parsons Lane, Clitheroe                                                                    Orchestra Practice

New Inn

St Michael & St Johns
Catholic Club